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Improving compliance and dynamic team management for one of the largest and most successful student unions in the UK

Client Quote

StaffSavvy has been great since it’s implementation at Sheffield SU. The most appealing components were:

1) A unified rota system, as we previously used several systems that carved up casual staff into different areas.

2) A proper system to engage with the casual staff that wasn’t through third part social media sites,  

3) A robust online training system that could also include manual additions of training info/content/certification.

It’s been a winner on all three.

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Key Features

  • Saving hours of time each week capturing staff availability and automatically using it on creating rotas

  • Simplify compliance across a large organisation that allows the HR team to be proactive rather than reactive

  • Streamlined recruitment process that has saved lots of time compared to previous software

  • Improved compliance with GDPR and grants access to all stored information to each employee

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in human errors as no information is manually typed and the system checks for common problems automatically

  • Cost savings over previous recruitment software

  • Ability to reduce headcount across the organisation by sharing staff with the correct skills across different departments

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