Shifts and rotas

Regardless of whether you are managing a team of 5 or 500, StaffSavvy has the tools to create & manage your team’s shifts easily.

Each shift has custom start and finish times; allowing you to infinitely tweak your rotas as needed. Because we know your staff wages, we can accurately estimate your workforce cost for any given day. Using the timeline view, you can select multiple shifts and drag their start and finish times as needed; the cost estimate for your day is instantly updated at the top of the page. Meeting budgets has never been easier.

And when you’re done, your staff are emailed automatically with their new shift times.

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Training and exams

StaffSavvy’s Training and Resource features are designed to provide you with a highly flexible framework to manage and report on your existing training programs. With built in training levels, modules and courses plus feedback forms and easy to use resource library.

Online exams and appraisals are also being added to further bolster the personal development features.

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Your HR. Powerfully Supported.

Our HR tools are designed explicitly to support your existing HR policies and processes. No need to rewrite the rule book, simply use our tools to make it easier to manage than ever before.

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StaffSavvy; Payroll hero.

Staff timesheets: automatically created based on shifts and actual working times. Once each manager has reviewed and approved, a perfectly formatted export drops calmly into your inbox.

Designed to match with all major payroll systems; StaffSavvy’s exports can be imported directly into your existing system.

No paperwork. No Excel files. No typos or mistakes

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UK Employment Law: Right to Work Compliance

StaffSavvy is designed to be your central hub when managing your entire workforce. Ensuring compliance with UK Right to Work laws with large teams that change often has been a problem for years.

StaffSavvy combines HR tools and right to work compliance directly into your shift, payroll and training management view. There are no more swapping between websites to check on an employee; it’s one single log in. Critically, it’s easy to ensure staff use StaffSavvy to provide their HR information as it’s their central place for everything about their job; including their shift. This ensures your staff are actually engaged in the site and take action when needed.

Our single view of each of your staff members allows you to instantly see the status of every employee and StaffSavvy automatically prevents staff without the correct documentation from collecting shifts.

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Automation: the holy grail of workforce management

StaffSavvy’s goal is to make workforce management easier, simpler and more efficient. With Triggers and Tasks you can automate as much of the processes as possible.

Automatically detect changes or actions and create messages, tasks, assign/remove roles, assign/remove venues, assign training and send emails. Perform as many actions as you want and daisy-chain your triggers to create different sequences of automation.

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Feature gems: Life saving features you didn’t know you needed

Need to ensure all your staff have read a message? Just issue an alert. Your workforce has to acknowledge that they’ve read the message to access the site.

You get a full report detailing when each staff member read the message and how long for.

At the click of a button see the contact details of those who have not signed yet so you can get your list completed fast.

Record staff acknowledgements of important information such as policy or legal changes. As them confirmation questions and export the results to CSV as proof.

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Workforce Recruitment

StaffSavvy now offers an add-on designed to make your workforce hiring process easy, quick and compliant with the latest laws and best practices.

Create application forms to be used on any number of different positions. Create and manage your available positions with their own public pages and information. Shortlist your applicants, invite them to choose interview slots and update them throughout the process.

Successful applicants can be automatically created as new staff members in your main StaffSavvy site with all of their key information and documents transferred over.

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