Right to Work, Visa and Qualifications

Key Features

  • UK Right to work compliance

  • Staff-led compliance

  • Expiring compliance/document alerts

  • Secure storage of Staff personal information

UK Employment Law: Right to Work Compliance

StaffSavvy is designed to be your central hub when managing your entire workforce. Ensuring compliance with UK Right to Work laws with large teams that change often has been a problem for years.

StaffSavvy combines HR tools and right to work compliance directly into your shift, payroll and training management view. There are no more swapping between websites to check on an employee; it’s one single log in. Critically, it’s easy to ensure staff use StaffSavvy to provide their HR information as it’s their central place for everything about their job; including their shift. This ensures your staff are actually engaged in the site and take action when needed.

Our single view of each of your staff members allows you to instantly see the status of every employee and StaffSavvy automatically prevents staff without the correct documentation from collecting shifts.

Staff-led compliance

Staff can follow simple Government guidance-based questions to see which documents they can provide to prove their Right to Work. StaffSavvy has multiple profiles automatically configured to ask for the correct documentation and supporting documentation in different circumstances.

Staff are then automatically informed as to where they need to take their original documents. Some documents can be provided  by them directly through the website wherever the law allows. A full review and verification process ensures that every document is checked and stamped with the manager’s details who approved it.

Additional documents can be requested at any time, forcing the staff member to provide the additional documents before they continue working at your business.

The questionnaires are automatically kept up to date by StaffSavvy to help your continued Right to Work compliance.

Expiring document reminders

As StaffSavvy knows when every document expires, staff are automatically reminded 30-days ahead of time to provide new documents.

Quick reports and notifications are shown to manager to make them aware but this is just for information; StaffSavvy will automatically stop that staff member taking any shifts after their time limited proof expires.

Security at its core

StaffSavvy always runs over a secure connection to our servers. All sensitive information and documents are securely encrypted with industry-recommended tools using Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

StaffSavvy is built on a comprehensive permissions system allowing only certain staff levels to have access to staff personal information. Access to phone numbers, email addresses, HR records, Right to Work documents, NI numbers and bank details can be controlled individually. This ensures your team only has access to the information they need.

More Features

  • Create your own Right to Work profiles to require additional documents or meet other employment needs

  • Create new document types with requirements and set them to allow staff to upload the documents or only managers

  • Easily take photographs of the documents and upload multiple photographs at once to create multi-page documents

  • Staff who’s Right to Work proof expires in the future cannot be given shifts after their proof expires

  • If required, you can allow a staff member to schedule a single shift before Right to Work proof has been provided so they can bring the documentation on the day

  • Staff without Right to Work are not allowed to clock in for shifts

  • Quick reports show who is awaiting documents in your team

More Features

  • HR reports show all staff awaiting documents or staff whose Right to Work proof expires

  • Full document library allows staff to upload all their personal documents in one place

  • Email notifications alert staff when their Right to Work is approved, expiring and expired

  • Notifications on the dashboard ensure all managers are aware of staff that are leaving

  • Link the Right to Work checks into your on-boarding process for every staff member

  • Existing staff or full time staff can be exempted from the StaffSavvy Right to Work preventing duplication of checks

Unfortunately SmartBlue ltd cannot accept responsibility for your Right to Work compliance under UK Employment law. We strive to ensure all information is correct and tools support your own compliance.
*StaffSavvy Standard Feature
^SMS bundles are not included

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