Key Features

  • Automated staff timesheet processing

  • Automated holiday allocation and pay

  • Automated overtime calculation

  • Integration with all main payroll software

StaffSavvy; Payroll hero.

Staff time-sheets: automatically created based on shifts and actual working times. Once each manager has reviewed and approved, a perfectly formatted export drops calmly into your inbox.

Designed to match with all major payroll systems; StaffSavvy’s exports can be imported directly into your existing system.

No paperwork. No Excel files. No typos or mistakes.

Processing payroll is instantly cut from hours to minutes.

We can even automatically calculate holiday pay and issue that automatically.

Automatic age-based wage increase

Require staff to provide their Data of Birth and allow managers to verify the date using the documents provided by staff. Once verified, StaffSavvy can automatically change pay rates for staff based on their age.

Full history of wage rates for staff are recorded allowing StaffSavvy to automatically select the correct rate based on the date of the shift. It will even correctly select the wages for any back-dated pay.

Scheduled wage rate changes

Plan in your wage rate increased in advance with scheduled changes. This allows StaffSavvy to automatically change hourly rates of pay on specific dates and times.

Full history of the hourly are recorded allowing StaffSavvy to automatically select the correct rate based on the date of the shift. It will even correctly select the wages for any back-dated pay.

Time based overtime

Stipulate an hour of the day where anyone still working will be paid a higher rate of pay. StaffSavvy will automatically swap the rate of pay for the additional hours, providing two different time entries for the same shift.

Contracted hours overtime

Contracted staff can be paid a fixed salary amount for their agreed hours. StaffSavvy can automatically calculate any additional hours worked and pay the staff the correct hourly rate.

More Features

  • Automatically calculate holiday pay as a percentage of time worked during this payroll; export these hours with different payroll account codes

  • Add limits to holiday pay for casual staff so only statutory holiday pay is provided in any given month

  • Hold staff without NI Number back from payroll. Wages will be included in the next wage sheet once their NI Number is provided and verified

  • Email notices of new wage sheets directly to your team so they can login and securely download the details

  • Drill into every payroll wage sheet to see full breakdown of hours by skill/pay level or by shift

  • Staff can see the gross pay once approved by their line managers –  heavily reducing payroll queries as all details are visible.

  • Track salaried staff hours easily –  include minimum hours to be worked over a period of week, month or year with visual reports

More Features

  • Automatically pay salaried staff for additional hours once they have worked their contracted hours

  • Enforce rest periods between long shifts

  • View net, holiday and gross totals

  • View and download A4-formatted time sheets for compliance records

  • Set working limits and prevent certain staff from working over this amount. Perfect for working visas, EU working time directive or workplace policies.

  • Set working limits to be fixed periods or rolling; e.g. the working limit cannot be breached in any rolling 7 day, 14 day, 28 day or two month period

*StaffSavvy Standard Feature
^SMS bundles are not included

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