HR Management

Key Features

  • Automated ‘Easy on-boarding’

  • Staff self-manage availability and personal information

  • Online employment contracts

  • Working Time Directive & Visa compliance alerts

  • Automated attendance reporting

  • Automated absence workflows

Your HR. Powerfully Supported.

Our HR tools are designed explicitly to support your existing HR policies and processes. No need to re-write the rule book, simply use our tools to make it easier to manage than ever before.

Easy on-boarding management

Our simple on-boarding process allows you to set as many steps as needed to correctly on-board your new employees. Deep integration with all StaffSavvy features allows you to include everything from viewing certain documents, signing digital employment contracts, providing NI numbers and bank details through to full Right to Work proof being obtained and stored and employee payroll numbers provided.

StaffSavvy automatically restricts access to shifts during this process to ensure all staff are on-boarded and setup correctly.

Requesting staff information

StaffSavvy has a simple and secure tool to receive any information you want to store about your staff. From personal information such as National Insurance numbers, payment bank details, addresses etc through to preferences of work, desired pronouns and more.

We provide you with complete flexibility to add any data field you need along with powerful controls on who can see and edit the data. We also include industry-standard data encryption to protect the data.

Use our pre-built reports or our powerful trigger-based workflows to notify and automate your processes when data is updated or added.

Online employment contracts

Massively reduce your on-boarding of new staff with our online employment contracts. Use your existing contracts and simply provide a copy for your staff to digitally sign wherever they are.

When enforced, staff cannot receive shifts until they have signed a valid contract.

Each contract is automatically filled out with their details including role and rate of pay.

Instantly see full reports of signed contracts and store digital copies of all versions for all employees.

Never again have to chase staff to sign a contract or shift through hundreds of signed copies to find the one you are looking for. It’s all available attached to each staff member’s profile.

Working time directive & work visas

StaffSavvy has full support for casual, contract and permanent full time staff. Set minimum and maximum working hours and provide reports on each staff member.

Adhere to EU working time directives, obey working visa limitation automatically and enforce rest periods between shifts or within periods of time. All built in, ready to go. We offer you complete flexibility to create and use your working hours restrictions as needed; from limiting working hours to 45 per week to enforcing 1 weekend off in 3. We have you covered.

You can even offer staff an opt-out, once digitally signed, StaffSavvy will automatically ignore the specific restrictions.

Staff have full access to their working hour reports and can see how many hours they have left at any time; perfect for weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annualised hours.

Automatically works across multiple departments, outlets and venues so your employee can never breach their working limits regardless of where they are working.

Personal records

Store all official communication from employer to employee. Build templates for disciplinary and commendation letters that easily allow your managers to use in the field.

Templates automatically update with the precipitant’s details and contain additional information for managers on how to conduct the process properly.

All stored digitally online to be accessed by the employee and any approved managers.

Automatic & detailed attendance records

With our intelligent clock in screens, staff attendance records are instantly updated with late or non-attendance.

All accessible directly via the staff members profile & easily printed for hard copies.

For staff who do not need to clock in, you can simply report absences and report as expected.

Automatic absence policies

Create as many different absence policies for all types of absence as you need. Assign different phases of absence with different pay rates. Plus a Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) policy is included – ready to go.

Unlimited flexibility to have your own absence policies plus match historical policies still in use by long-server employees.

Easy reporting and review keeps managers on top of absence and our trigger-based workflows allows for automatic process to start during and after absences (unexpected or planned).

Easy time off in lieu management

Detailed Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) management allows for every hour to be accounted for from a previous number of contracted periods. Compare week to week, month to month and year to year.

Automatically have overtime calculated and alerted to line managers.

Automatic suggestions are made as to how to resolve the difference; reassigning/cancelling additional shifts, booking TOIL or increasing hours.

Full breakdowns of each calculation is visible to ensure staff and managers are happy at each stage.

Set different TOIL settings for each of your contracts.

Accurate and easy reporting of hours including historical views so you can review many months in the past.

More Features

  • Automatically calculate holiday pay as a percentage of time worked during this payroll; export these hours with different payroll account codes

  • Email delivery of weekly payroll files direct to the team who need them

  • Get email summaries or CSV copies for your records

  • Drill into every payroll wage sheet to see full breakdown of hours by skill/pay level or by shift

  • Staff can see the gross pay once approved by their line managers – heavily reducing payroll queries as all details are visible.

  • Record sick pay separately to holiday and normal pay

  • Correctly allocate payroll numbers to all timesheets; never have incomplete files.

  • Employees can sign their employment contracts anywhere and on any mobile device

  • View all copies of an employee’s contracts. Current and historical – all in one place.

More Features

  • Track salaried staff hours easily – include minimum hours to be worked over a period of week, month or year with visual reports

  • Automatically pay salaried staff for additional hours once they have worked their contracted hours

  • Enforce rest periods between long shifts

  • Set working limits and prevent certain staff from working over this amount. Perfect for working visas, EU working time directive or workplace policies.

  • Hold back pay for staff who have incomplete employment files or prevent them from working completely

  • With our clock in screen webcam option, have a visual record of each staff member as they clock in and out. Prove they are on site.

  • Use our Personal Record templates to easily create commendations or disciplinary letters for staff.

  • All personal record letters are stored digitally online; accessible anywhere and anytime.

*StaffSavvy Standard Feature
^SMS bundles are not included

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