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Key Features

  • Add-on module to Staffsavvy

  • Make your hiring easy, quick and compliant

  • Unlimited recruitment positions

  • Shortlisting functionality

Workforce Recruitment

StaffSavvy now offers an add-on designed to make your workforce hiring process easy, quick and compliant with the latest laws and best practices.

Create application forms to be used on any number of different positions. Create and manage your available positions with their own public pages and information. Shortlist your applicants, invite them to choose interview slots and update them throughout the process.

Successful applicants can be automatically created as new staff members in your main StaffSavvy site with all of their key information and documents transferred over.

Unlimited available positions

You can advertise as many job positions as you need. Each job application has its own page within your recruitment portal where the public can view further information about your available position.

You have flexible control over your portal including language, colours and styles plus complete control over the footer area.

Each position’s page can be easily controlled by you with text, images and documents available within the two column layout.

Utilise template blocks to prevent you repeating information. Setup the templates once and use them on multiple positions. This allows you to update the template in one place and all of the position pages will be updated.

Unlimited application forms

Our easy to use Application Form builder allows you to construct any size of application form to suit your needs. Add page breaks, information areas and answer hints as needed.

Fields can be multiple choice, single choice, big text area, small text area and documents along with special fields such as name, email, phone, date of birth etc.

Decide which fields should be hidden throughout shortlisting or just hidden for the initial phase.

You can also stipulate word or character limits on text fields to ensure all applications are quick and easy to review.

Easy to apply

The process for your applicants has been designed to be as easy and simple as possible.  The application form includes auto-save and dynamic checks on the information they are saving.

You can provide additional information on how each question should be answered along with adding information blocks directly between questions to get your message across.

We automatically send each applicant a unique code that allows them to return to their application at any time or reuse some of their information on applications for other positions within your organisation.

Shortlisting to suit your methods

You can steam through your applications using any of our shortlisting methods:

  • Quick decision

    Simply review an application and make a decision there and then.

  • Draft Decisions

    Allow certain staff to suggest a decision and others to make the final decision

  • Manual Scoring

    Each shortlister scores the answers out of 5. A summary is shown after all shortlisters have completed their scores.

    Order each application by score to see who should be shortlisted.

  • Auto Scoring (coming soon!)

    Apply points to single and multiple select fields and award points based on words used within text fields. Allows for rapid shortlisting of lots of application.

Security at its core

All application information is encrypted securely and access it limit using our flexible but strong permissions system.

Any information deemed private is hidden throughout the application process with only specific administers granted access.

Your recruitment, your branding

The public recruitment portal is easily branded with your logo and colour schemes.

For advanced users, you can also have complete access to the CSS of your portal to bespoke the overall feel even more.

Update the language used and include your own blocks of content on the pages to suit your needs.

Ground up compliance

Compliance with legal requirements and best practice is built into our recruitment module from the ground up. The application process is clear about how each of the applicant’s data will be used and how long it will be stored. All information is encrypted and stored securely. This along with StaffSavvy’s powerful permission system ensures that your application process complies with the GDPR laws.

Within your application forms you can stipulate which fields should be visible during shortlisting and even some that should not be displayed during the application process at all. These hidden fields can be used to collate information relating to your legal ethnicity and diversity obligations.

You can also stipulate certain fields that will be stored for longer for compliance purposes. These will be flagged to the applicants in an easy to understand manner. StaffSavvy will automatically delete all un-flagged data at the end of your normal data retention policy and keep the annoynomous data for your extended period.

Add-on cost

The recruitment module is our first additional cost add-on. This module can be enabled for a 100% free 3-month trial within your account.

After the free trial, the module will cost 20% of your standard monthly charge.

For example, if your standard charge is £200  (100 accounts at £2 per account) then this module would cost you only £40 per month.

More Features

  • Reuse application forms as needed, easily duplicate existing forms to make small adjustments for each position.

  • Full history of all changes made to application forms ensure that you review provided answers next to the exact question asked.

  • Review documents before shortlisting and reject documents that are not correct (coming soon)

  • Hide any information during shortlisting including applicants names.

  • Set open and close dates on positions or leave them open ended to continuously advertise.

  • Create interview slots with limited numbers of interviewees or unlimited group sessions.

  • Add unlimited information to the position’s public page including images.

  • Upload documents to your available position’s public page to provide more information to applicants

  • Use template blocks to have standard information that you repeat on multiple position pages. Update it once to affect all of your available positions. Perfect for policy information.

  • Full CSS control over your public portal allows you to match your main website branding

  • Full control over the footer area on the public site ensures you can include relevant links and information.

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