Training & Exams

Key Features

  • Role/Training compliance

  • Online and physical course support

  • Upload key course materials and deck

  • Training feedback functionality

  • Online exams

Comprehensive Training and Personal Development

StaffSavvy’s Training and Resource features are designed to provide you with a highly flexible framework to manage and report on your existing training programs. With built in training levels, modules and courses plus feedback forms and easy to use resource library.

Online exams and appraisals are also being added to further bolster the personal development features.

Online & physical courses

Our online courses and exam system allows you to completely automate parts of your training and personal development. Provide reading resources to your staff and view reports on who has read each of the items.

Direct staff to view the Training Slides and then automatically direct them to complete the required exam.

For physical courses, you can configure as many physical dates and locations for training courses. The courses can be a single date or a string of dates that staff need to attend in order to pass the course. Attendance and confirmation is taken by the course leaders at each point.

More complex requirements? Allow accommodation requests, record training costs and much more.

Training slides

These do exactly as you’d expect! Create as many different slides within a set as needed; each slide can contain any amount of text or images in any format. Easily added, edit and update the slides anytime.

Assign Training Slides to training programs so that staff are directed through the slides either before a physical course or an online exam.

Automatically formatted for all screen sizes; mobile, tablets and desktops. More flexible than PDFs and easier to setup and manage than dedicated training systems.


Staff can take the exam at their own time. The exams are made up of an unlimited number of questions with unlimited answer options. They are automatically marked and passed or failed as per your instructions.

You can use exams as part of an online course, the on-boarding processes or as a requirement on a role/skill. The latter allows you to automatically require exams to be passed (and re-passed every X number of days) to allow the staff member to do specific shifts.

Automated progression

Exams can be automatically linked to your training program; once a staff member has passed all of the required exams then they can be awarded digital certificates and introduced to the next level of training automatically.

This heavily reduces the amount of admin time your training programs require.

Full records of every exam and training course taken by each employee can be viewed anytime; providing you with an automatic personal development record.

Expiring certifications

Manage multiple and complex training requirements all in one place. Everything from fire drills to management training can be co-ordinated via StaffSavvy.

For training certifications with limited validity, such as food hygiene, the courses can be automatically configured to expire.

StaffSavvy provides you with early warning on all staff who have certificates expiring. This gives you plenty of time to arrange re-training and re-certification where required.

Resource library

Provide all of your resources and policies in one easy location.

Accessible to all staff 24/7. Easily reference documents and pages from other areas of the site. Upload new versions of the document so your staff are always given the latest details.

Create a full archive of all your important information and group by folders. Staff can browser or search for the information they need.

StaffSavvy includes a complete forum tool; this provides a hub for staff to staff training and interaction. Create standard discussion threads or Question and Answer threads where the correct answer can be assigned by managers.

Combining these tools allows you to provide a complete resource for your staff in support of their personal development.

More Features

  • See which staff have read a Required Reading before the course has started.

  • Training courses are automatically taken into account when planning shifts; ensuring there are never clashes.

  • Quick Polls allow you to collect instant feedback from staff on important or simply to add engagement to the site.

  • Any staff member can run a course; they are responsible for completing the training.

  • Course leaders feedback on each member of staff who were assigned to the course; approving their attendance and passing the course.

  • Set up compulsory or optional modules on a training certificate to allow staff different routes to reaching their goal.

  • Create your own certificates for staff within StaffSavvy or upload scanned copies of official files for your records

More Features

  • Set a lock date for courses to allow you time to book and confirm the course. No staff can be added to the course after it has been locked.

  • Allow for courses to take place over multiple days or in a string (for example, every week for three weeks)

  • When required, allow staff to request accommodation before and after a course. Record the costs of this against the course.

  • Provide the cost of each course and then instantly report on training costs per venue and staff member.

  • Feedback forms allow staff to provide anonymous or named feedback on their courses.

  • Results for feedback forms can be viewed as summary information and in detail including each person’s full feedback.

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