Trigger & tasks

Workflow automation

Key Features

  • Automate regular tasks

  • Trigger alerts based on events

  • Read-receipt confirmation for staff communication

  • Save hours, or even days, on manual processes

Automation: the holy grail of workforce management

StaffSavvy’s goal is to make workforce management easier, simpler and more efficient. With Triggers and Tasks you can automate as much of the processes as possible.

Automatically detect changes or actions and create messages, tasks, assign/remove roles, assign/remove venues, assign training and send emails. Perform as many actions as you want and daisy-chain your triggers to create different sequences of automation.

Triggers (Automatic workflows)

Automatically request a back to work form be completed when a staff member is absent for a period of time. Then pass the form onto their managers automatically for review.

Or automatically add skills/roles when a staff member completes a training program.

Or email managers instantly when a staff member doesn’t show up for a shift for the third time in two weeks.

All easily possible with StaffSavvy’s triggers. Include customised messages with mail-merged data from staff accounts to ensure your messages are relevant and direct.


These are the backbone of any automated HR system. Tasks direct staff and managers alike to complete the required actions within your processes to ensure your workforce is running smoothly.

Tasks can be assigned to individuals (with sole responsibility to complete the task) or to teams a whole (where anyone in the team can pick up and complete the task). This is perfect for both tasks for the employee, tasks for their line managers or tasks for the HR or finance teams.

You can allow tasks to be optional or compulsory; ensuring the task is completed or it is escalated back to the manager or team who have issued it. This ensures all tasks are completed or the issue is resolved directly with the staff member.

You can also assign documents or exams to be completed as part of the task and the task will only be complete once the document or exam is complete.

Easy to automate and easy to manage, tasks provides the foundation that allows you to automate your bespoke policies.

More Features

  • Execute actions on new accounts being created or accounts being closed

  • Assign tasks to different levels within the system (Managers might have different requirements)

  • Tasks can be shared; allowing any member assigned to the tasks to complete it. They can also assign someone to be responsible for it

  • Allow tasks to be dismissed, giving the staff member the option not to complete it

  • All actions performed by the triggers are logged and tracked

  • Actions available include adding and removing roles or venues/departments

  • Create emails and tasks automatically as part of any trigger. Send to staff members, specific team members or line managers

  • Request or require a document to be uploaded or digitally completed to allow a staff member to work based on triggers

  • Set deadlines on tasks that will automatically escalate the task back to the line manager or team member if not completed

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