Security Policy

The team behind StaffSavvy at SmartBlue are dedicated to ensuring your data remains safe and secure. This is a constant process of review and audit to ensure we are providing you with the best possible service.

We are certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for the Design, Development and Maintenance of Online Software. As part of these certifications, we’re audited yearly to ensure we’re maintaining these high standard.

We’re also certified under the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials program that actively looks to ensure good cyber security practices in businesses.

Our services are run from UK-only tier-4 data centres with multiple redundancies at each physical location. Critical data is encrypted by industry standard processes and access to this data is limited to your accounts and our support team. Our access requires multi-factor authentication at all times to prevent unauthorised access and every action is logged for review.

StaffSavvy is regularly tested by CREST-accredited security consultants who actively test our system and processed to try and gain unauthorised access. We take immediate action on any critical issues discovered.

Environment Policy

Wherever possible, we look to minimise environmental impact. Our staff can work flexibly and remotely which helps prevent unnecessary travel. Whenever possible and practical, we utilise public transport to minimise our use of vehicles and all our staff are actively encouraged to use ultra-low emissions vehicles for any necessary travel.

In addition, our data centres are carbon neutral. This means that any carbon produced by running the data centres has been offset to ensure low impact to our environment.