We understand Student Unions; yes, even yours.

StaffSavvy was originally built within a Student Union's commercial arm and has been working with different shapes, sizes and styles of Student Unions ever since.

Every student union faces common problems (and they're not limited to these...)

  • Different staffing needs between small outlets to large multi-room entertainment venues
  • Collecting and maintaining accurate staff information including employment contracts, Right to Work documentation and contact information
  • Enforcing rules on how many hours someone can work or ensuring they have a long enough break throughout all the different outlets
  • Managing shift swapping so that you know how is actually working and can be sure they have the right skills to actually do the job they show up for

We solve all of these issues easily and these are just some of the most common ones. Our tools have been designed to cope with everything a student union's team can throw at them.

Many SUs have some tools and systems that can offer some or all of these functions. However, they are rarely flexible enough to deal with the array of different departments and sub-businesses that Student Unions' run. They are also often ill-equipped to support a student workforce.

It's not all about the money

StaffSavvy has a very different approach to other staff management systems. They are often very top-down; managers give you your shifts and you will work them. As a worker, you have very little control or empowerment and plenty to moan about; not enough Friday shifts, too many Friday shifts, can't do 4pm on a Thursday etc.

We approach things with the view that everyone should be responsible for their own work. When permitted, staff can swap shifts, take "nights off" when you want to reduce staffing and could even be allowed to split long shifts into two parts so they can find cover for a few hours they can't work. They also set their availability and can request holiday/other leave when they can't work.

We give them all the tools so they can be in control of their shifts. Once they have a shift assigned or they accept a shift then it is 100% their responsibility to work it. Either they work it or they find cover and StaffSavvy ensures this is not forgotten through re-enforcement messages, emails and SMS.

This allows staff managers to focus on staff development, improving efficiency and customer experience.

You have to see it to believe it

All Student Unions have a variety of stakeholders who will be affected by any new rota, training, time sheet or HR system. We recommend you invite everyone together and book a live demo from the StaffSavvy team. We'll happily walk everyone through the basics of the system and answer any specific questions that your colleagues have.