StaffSavvy is a powerfully smart workforce tool


Refined over the last ten years, StaffSavvy becomes the core to your workforce; complete management of all of your staff information, recruitment, shifts, training schemes, hr & time sheet management.

We have all the tools you want and many more you never knew you needed.


If you are into acronyms, we're a Rota Management System (RMS), Employee Scheduling Software (ESS), Human Resources Software (HRS), Human Resources Information System (HRIS),  Employee Management System (EMS),  Time & Attendance System (T&A), Training Management System (TMS), Application Tracking System (ATS) all rolled into one and for a simple monthly price.

In summary, we cover everything apart from payroll but we'll export all of your data to your existing payroll provider too.

  • Intelligent and compliant recruitment shortlisting
  • Track & approve holiday requests
  • Easily manage and report TOIL
  • Know your staff's weekly availability and schedule shifts around it automatically
  • Full training suite including online courses and exams
  • Secure document storage for each employee
  • Access anywhere, anytime.
  • Schedule & manage shifts
  • Detailed time sheets & export to your payroll software
  • Managed on-boarding checklist for new staff
  • Automatically track illness and lateness
  • Right to Work assessment and compliance
  • Auto-management of shift swapping
  • Unique, single-view of each of your employees
  • Fully branded recruitment portal

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